The people

Organization and office

VANRO2IJ is organized with the principle of a composed office. Landscape architects, architects, urban planners and others who have to do with quality of the space work together in a studio. The film industry is a prime example. Movies are still made on different locations. These are loose successive productions separately completed and finished. The structure of the studio is that of an upside-down hierarchical tree structure with the branches below. It is about the group effort where the people involved at the nodes have the overview. In the hierarchical structure the higher position in the branches has the responsibility for the part underneath. That way everyone can function independently, efficiently and optimally in loose studios. In this case, the director of the node has the overview in the spider web. For each project there is another tree structure. As individuals there are less possibilities to realize interesting projects. Construction is about cooperation and the political will of a group. The new way of working is the individual who is organized to operate in studios. The studio principle is workable when it adds value to everyone personally. The studio is the direct indicator of new developments of the many external factors that are of influence. With the introduction of the studio comes a culture of immediate financial settlement. Each project is separately and independently financed between an alternating semi-permanent group of people. The only thing that connects them is the result and the joint meetings.



A film production is a project that is initiated by an interested party, usually the producer or the director. If the funds are found, the executive producer starts the production. These lease a manufacturing leader, who, in turn sets up the production team. Then the film crew is assembled by the production team based on the wishes of the director. The director shows that he loves to work with a certain DOP (Director Of Photography) and Art Director. These in turn elect their subordinates with whom they prefer to cooperate, and those choose again in the lower ‘grade’. The work is organised through a tree structure. Someone is hired for each function based on previous experience with that person. To climb the ladder of the tree structure every one simply should have performed in previous films. The production team maintains evaluating this list of people. It must be a homogeneous team that can cooperate well and work effectively with each other. The responsibilities on the film set are not as strict as the presented diagram suggests. It may also be that functions are just skipped. Not every film set needs for example a recording leader present. Every rule has thousands exceptions. There is no single “rule” that describes how the structure should sit together.