Royal Docks Idea Competition/ Three Lake Docks/ London / 2013/ UK


Three lake docks

If you approach London from the air on the eastside you will see three large stripes of water next to the Thames. They all have the size of a small lake and are well connected, close to Canary Warf and the city centre. This is the ideal place to live and work close to three park lakes. Three lake docks will become a new centre on the eastside of London with excellent facilities. Three lake docks is the new green location to live in London, close to the Thames. The prices of real estate will be compensated through beautiful surroundings for living, working and recreational benefits. The current location of the airport will become the new centre with a high density urban core and the possibility for high-rises. The new centre is well connected through the DLR. Around the centre the dwellings are lower interspersed with an occasional high-rise. For an important part The Royal Docks are al ready planned. With the planting of the edges and creating a large park in the centre on the current location of the airstrip we create the possibility for three park lakes. Behind the edges and along the Thames fields of houses and park-forests will alternate.





Kai-Tak Airport Hongkong

London City Airport resembles a strong match with the history of Kai-Tak Airport in Hong Kong. It becomes busier every time in a more urbanised environment. The interests of the airport will become bigger and bigger. The prices of the land will rise and the pressures on the environment together with the protests are also mounting. It is a good planning strategy to transform the old airport into a park. The airfield will stay an airstrip for a long time and the city around it will grow. Eventually the airstrip will transform into a park. Through the park the prices of land and real estate will rise further in the future. London City Airport will get a new space further away from the centre of London. The park will become the new icon of ‘Three lake docks’.

Bosbaan Amsterdam


Project information


Name project : Royal Docks Ideas Competition

Place : Royal Docks, London/ Great-Britain


Name : The Landscape Institute, Ecobuild, The Mayor of London

Character and area of the site

500 ha. of urbanized old harbour area on the east side of London