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Adidas Campus Landscape/ Idea competition/ The Walk/ 2015/ D


World of sports

The Adidas campus is a redevelopment of eight years of the Herzo-base near Nürnberg as the Adidas headquarters. The result is a settlement of big buildings scattered freely in the existing Bayern landscape along a ring road. You can reach the office blocks from the ring road and a series of parking garages next to it. In the centre of the terrain there is a small park with some pavilions. The park consists of the remains of the old landscape and serves as a connecting area for pedestrians and is at the same time a meeting place. In the near future new blocks will be added to the landscape with facades of over more than hundred meters wide.

The typology of the site resamples that of the development of an airport. Ring roads, parking garages and big office blocks standing in the landscape are the Adidas brand of the headquarters. What is usually the core of the airport is central terminal hall with great spacial quality and clarity. A small-scale world in the centre where people meet, walk around, arrange things, buy stuff, eat and drink. The central area of the Adidas terrain should get this spacial quality but in a green setting. To achieve this investment is needed in the centre.


The Walk/ 6,5 MET

Because of the new and old developments mobility has become more and more an issue on the Adidas campus. The buildings are large and wide apart. The current connections are not optimal. In the future more than 7000 employees have to meet, interact and work in the central area. And a lot of time is lost, just meeting each other.

To solve this problem we introduce a wide backbone mobility axis. The mobility axis ‘The Walk’ serves as a main artery next to the smaller network around it. The Walk connects all the addresses and main entrances. These are in the following order: Office West, The Shed, Stripes, Spikes, Brands, Dassler Sporting Ground, Laces, Office South East and Meat and Eat. The Walk connects at the same time hot spot 1, 2 and 3. The Walk is a meeting plaza with kiosks, meeting cabins, just chairs in the grass, sporting facilities, space to present brands and a stand for presentations. To promote better mobility on the campus we provide a network of docking stations next to The Walk with a range of muscle power mopeds, bikes or people movers to come from A to B. The facilities are free for every one on the campus. To have a more efficient interaction between buildings and to introduce a world of a smaller scale in the centre of the campus we add smaller buildings next to The Walk. The number of addresses increases and the network itself becomes more dense and efficient. Modern day society has become to convenient. We don’t exercise as much as we should do on a every day basis. We sit at our desk or in meetings most of the day and use the car for transportation. To change this we should create other environments where exercise becomes a natural part of our daily routine.

We designed the central Adidas area ‘The Walk’ for this purpose. On a daily basis we should use 6,5 MET or Metabool EquivalenT. if we are in the age between 18-55 years we should exercise at least 60 min. every day. Exercises with large numbers on MET are walking, 2.0 MET, practices with machines 3.5 MET, biking 4.0 MET, jogging, 7.0 MET, running, 8.0 MET. The Walk introduces the possibility for mopeds and biking on the Adidas campus. Some of the bikes are heavier to ride to reach a higher MET. The Walk is at the same time a start and finish for runs in the country side around Adidas headquarters. The Walk gets a three meter elevation close to Office South East. Every time you cross The Walk you go three meters up and down. We also introduce stairs in The Walk for jogging possibilities. On the side of The Walk, at some point we introduce modern outdoor fitness equipment. The Walk is littered with blocks and handrails every body can use freely and exercise. The blocks are there for stretching, to sit on and hang on bars. For the design of The walk we are inspired by the world of free running. This sport is there to lose a lot of energy (MET) in public space. Next to the cabins and kiosks there is room for table-tennis.


Charging stations

Project information


Name project : The Walk/ Adidas Campus Landscape

Place : Neurenberg

Country : Germany


Name : Adidas AG/ Headquarters World of Sports

Contact person : Mr. Andreas M. Sattler/ FALTIN + SATTLER FSW Dusseldorf GmbH


Team : VANRO2IJ landscape architecture/ Goudappel Coffeng Mobility Consultants bv

Character and size of the area

Design of the public space for the Adidas Campus World of Sports

Competition/ Selected for the second round

Area : 133 ha.

Building costs of public space

Budget : not fixed

Relevance of the reference

Design for a park


Goudappel Coffeng Mobility Consultants