From concrete colossus too oasis/ Park & Freeload/ Den Bosch/ 2015/ NL


Park & Freeload

During a visit to the roof of parking garage Wolvenhoek it is immediately apparent, the elevator is blocking the view. The first operation is therefore lowering the lift house to recover the view with the panoramic vista on St. John Cathedral. It creates a beautiful square on the roof of the city. The parking garage is the result of the first oil crisis. We can now speak of a third energy crisis. We consume too much energy. Cheap electricity is the future. The roof of the garage is planted with solar panels. The panels rotate with the sun as leaves of a tree and cools the building by its shadow. Reflective stripes mark the square and keep the building cool. It is paid parking but your electric car is here free of charge. Every third Sunday of the month there is a car boot sale for every citizen of Den Bosch on this easily accessible square.


Project information


Name project : Park & Freeload/ Oase Bai Den Bosch

Place : Den Bosch

Country : The Netherlands


Name : Bosch Architectuur Initiatief

Character and size of the area

Design for a roof of an old parking garage in the city centre

Area : 2200 m2