The house in the landscape/ A roundabout for Ceramics and the territory/ Pavullo Nel Frignano / 2014/ IT


Mirage Ceramics

The challenge here is to define the entrance to Mirage Ceramics in Pavullo Nel Frignano. Without landscape no architecture and without architecture no landscape. The object at the roundabout manifests itself as a house in the countryside. Along an important line in the landscape the object has been positioned. Up close, it is an object for the ceramic industry, a symbol of industry and science. From afar, it is a house on a prominent location in the landscape.



The architectural object is a volume which is made up of fragments, the tiles. It is a cubic grid of fragments which are positioned in separate layers one above the other. At various places in the structure fragments disappeared. Here cavities arise which open towards the light and the landscape. They collectively form an open architectural structure as a metaphor for the house in the landscape. The landscape is mined to make architecture. Minerals are dug, cleaned and gathered from places in the landscape to make architectural elements. The elements are placed on stacks and shipped to the world. On site, the stacks transform to volumes and thus architecture.





Project information


Name project : The house in the landscape/ A roundabout for Ceramics and the territory

Place : Pavullo Nel Frignano

Country : Italy


Name : Mirage Ceramics

Character and size of the area

A landmark for a roundabout on a hill edge in the landscape

Relevance of the reference

Architectural object in the landscape