VANRO2IJ landscape architecture/ Ir. Christ-Jan van Rooij

The studio is founded in 2012 with the goal to operate internationally in the field of landscape architecture. I am an all-round senior landscape architect with a focus on urban projects. In the projects presented I am responsible for the design, the design process, the political and governmental implementation, and in most of the cases the physical realisation of the project. In the majority of the project cases I worked on complex city-centre projects. The projects are there to revitalize and renew the urban fabric. Developing interesting concepts and implementation is the best part of my work. The challenge of my work is to look for an intriguing solution for a place or an area. The quality of the city is not the quality of a single project but a stack of interventions through time. Landscape architecture is changing and the expertise is deployed to create vital economical and social cities. I would like to make a contribution in these transformations in the next decades.