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Competition Public Space Seeparkquartier/ Aspern Seestadt/ Two grids/ Vienna/ A




The Aspern Seeparkquartier is the development of the long-awaited centre of Seestadt. It is a compact centre with shops, offices and apartments above. It is situated close to the entrance of the metro and the central park. The urban interpretation of Seeparkquartier is a compact urban area similar to the old centre of the city. Perspectives are constantly changing with which a fabric of small public spaces is created. The public space network consists of a central axis with branches to the Park and boulevard of Aspern. The central axis itself connects the bus-station, the entrance to the subway with the boulevard of Aspern.


Two grids

The question is, what is the strategy for the implementation of the public domain. Because it is a shopping mall, we looked at new shop-strategies. Instead of a packed shopping centre we decided just for space and clarity. The connecting element is the floor that unifies and provides cohesion. The natural stone floor gets a fascinating pattern, consisting of two grids. To furnish the public space, we only use the blocks of the same material as the floor. We use it as the sitting elements, playground equipment and for the water object. Trees soften the space and connect the centre to the park.


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