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Twin Creeks Lineair Park Design Competition/ Stripes/ Kansas City/ USA



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Twin Creeks is a beautiful untouched agricultural landscape of Kansas City and it is going to change. It is going to be transformed in a sea of houses with the Linear Park in the centre. The area is about 7 km. long and 5 km. wide. At this moment you can read the landscape very easy. The fields are on the higher grounds. The tree groves and small lakes are near the creeks on the lower grounds in the valleys. The structure of spaces in the landscape is also very clear. The fields are open landscape and the valleys are closed spaces. In the future this is going to change because all the spaces are going to be built up. If we don’t intervene the new development is going to appear as an unattractive sprawl. To keep the organisation of the landscape clear we have to strengthen the structure of the Linear Park in Twin Creeks. To achieve this we introduce two elements. The Linear Park is going to be more attractive through the introduction of long lakes. The lakes will become the new open spaces in Twin Creeks. They are lined with tree groves and integrated within the Linear Park. The spaces become visible through the introduction of park avenues and boulevards. Most of the lakes are situated on the intersections with the mayor roads in Twin Creeks. At this point the structure of the landscape becomes visible. The second connection to the landscape is the shape of the roads. The landscape has hills with a mild incline. To emphasize this we curve the roads through the hills. There are three mayor park avenues through Twin Creeks. The connecting neighbourhood roads are also curved. The roads relate to the old landscape and make it clear again. Curved roads with the new houses are also easily introduced in the existing landscape. At some points the roads traverse the Linear Park and interconnect the neighbourhoods. These points are limited so we don’t need as much bridges to cross the creeks.


Climate change

The climate is changing. The amount of annual rainfall is mounting each year. For future developments we should anticipate on this especially in built up urban areas. How should we anticipate surplus of rainwater. The best strategy is to drain the water into the soil and maintain the water in the area. Draining is not visible but the area has a large potential to maintain water in the creek beds. Small long lakes are introduced within natural banks to maintain the water in the area. The water is clean and the lakes are interconnected with the streams. The surplus of water is easily drained to the larger systems outside Twin Creeks.

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