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At the company headquarters of ADIDAS on the former Herzo base in Nuerenberg eventually over 6000 colleagues will be employed spread across several large buildings. How do these longer walking distances go along with the desire for more creative linkages in the organization?


The Walk

For the international ADIDAS Campus Landscape Competition the combination of Goudappel Coffeng Mobility Consultants and VANRO2IJ landscape architecture is chosen as one of the seven teams for a new concept for the new ADIDAS campus landscape. We chose green, with an attractive and wide pedestrian boulevard as spatial carrier ‘The Walk’. Moving through the new landscape will be your work-out on the job. At this recognizable ‘main street’, where all the buildings are going to connect, we provided ‘atelier cabins’ so teams can meet on campus. A system of electric skateboards, bikes and golf carts supports the increasing walking distances to suit the young and dynamic composition of the creative teams of the company. A ring structure on the outside of the campus, multi-storey car parks, provides the connection of the car with the green pedestrian-oriented heart of the campus. Thus mobility facilitates the creativity and is required for its (un) expected encounters. Even with more than 6,000 employees.

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